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If you have been in a Car Accidents and have started experiencing Neck and/or Low Back Pain, Contact our experts at Duke of York Physiotherapy and Rehab Centre.

Our Registered Female Physiotherapist is trained to professionally assess and treat Whiplash Injuries. You do not need a doctor's Prescription and our Physiotherapist will assess the extent of your injuries and also deals directly with your Auto Insurance for your physiotherapy treatments.


When most Whiplash and Auto Injuries patients come to our clinic, they are in significant neck and low back pain.

These injuries may be compounded by back pain, headaches, sprains and fractures. In most cases, Our immediate goal is to assist in relieving pain and increasing range of motion.

In acute phase, low intensity Laser therapy, cold packs and IFC are best treatment options. Low intensity Laser is a painless treatment which quickly reduces swelling and bruising while stimulating tissue repair.

As the patient progresses to sub-acute phase, we introduce gentle massage therapy, range of motion exercises, manual therapy and gentle stretching exercise programmes.

Gentle strengthening exercises are introduced as the patient's pain diminishes and soft tissue repair has progressed.