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Do you have tired & Achy legs?

Do you have swollen feet, ankles and legs?

Do you stand or sit for extended periods of time?

Do you have mild, moderate, or severe varicose veins?

Are you pregnant?

If your answer is 'yes' to any of the questions above, you can benefit from Compression Stockings.

Medical gradient compression stockings recover venous and lymphatic blood flow. Compression stockings are planned to deliver a restricted amount of force which is maximum at the distal end (ankle) of the garment and slowly reduces towards the proximal end (top) of the stocking.

The gradient pressure sponsors better venous blood flow which in turn helps to control inflammation, varicosities, leg tiredness, exhaustion, cramps and other problematic leg conditions.

Compression stockings are available in 3 different pressure gradients:

Your Physiotherapist will tell you which amount of pressure is suitable for you after an initial assessment session.

Compression stockings are available in 3 different lengths for both men and women:

Accurate dimensions of leg are taken by the health care practitioner to provide you with a accurate pair of stockings.

Thigh-High Stockings


Knee-High Stockings

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