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At Duke of York Physiotherapy & Rehab Centre:

We are committed to providing the most personalized, integrative and skilled Physiotherapy program. Physiotherapy Mississauga can help reduce pain and increase strength and muscle flexibility.

Our licensed Female Physiotherapist deals with all types of Acute and Chronic pain conditions, Arthritis, Motor Vehicle Accidents and Work-place Injuries. She designs a treatment plan specifically for you which gives you long lasting results, reduce pain and help you get back to an active life.

We offer free consultation and one free physiotherapy in Mississauga session.

We achieve this through the latest technology, professionalism and proven treatment methods some of these treatment methods include:


Laser therapy speeds up the recovery process by delivering light energy to the cells. Low intensity laser therapy has proven to be highly effective when treating a wide range of tendon and ligament injuries, arthritis, shoulder tendinitis, neck/low back pain, ankle injuries and knee injuries. Laser therapy results in better tissue repair, reduces the scar tissue formation and helps in healing of tendons and ligaments.

Laser treatments are painless and patient experience a reduction in pain after their first few treatments.