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Sarah Mohammed
I was looking for a place that has Female Physiotherapist. I had pain in my shoulder since last 2 years. I was unable to do my household chores. Just after 3-4 sessions, I discovered that she is the best. I am feeling much better and highly recommend any person to pay a short visit to this facility in order to feel the difference.

Ralea Martin
I would like to share my excellent experience at the Duke of York Physiotherapy and Rehab. I am going to the facility for my knee problem since last 4-5 months. I am diagnosed by my family physician with the third degree Osteoarthritic changes in my Bilateral Knee Joints. I lost all hopes as my family doctor told me that I have to go for knee replacement surgery. After coming to Rehab Centre, my knee pain has reduced by 60 percent and strengthening, stretching and manual therapy program given by the Physiotherapist has helped me a lot as I have started going for a walk, started vacuuming and cooking which was never possible before. I am lucky to be in care of such highly efficient Health Care Practitioner.

Mike K.
I injured my back at my workplace 6 months ago. My job is to lift heavy weight and also involves pushing/pulling/forward bending. I injured my disc and went on short term disability due to pain. My family physician recommended me to this clinic. Just after few sessions, I started feeling better. Apart from laser therapy and IFC therapy. I am given manual therapy techniques and Mckenzie techniques by the Physiotherapist. Now my pain is not radiating to my lower limbs and the herniated disc is getting healed by Mckenzie techniques. I am given a home exercise program which I follow sincerely. Thank God I am feeling much better. Now I am planning to start working again. Excellent care. I feel I have met the right Professional who knows what a patient needs.

Denis De Cruz
Experienced Massage Therapist. She knows how and where to touch and do different motions depending on your sensitivity. I am addicted to her massage sessions. I couldn't ask for anything better. Cheers !!

Helen Dsouza
I went for my Plantar fascitis /heel pain problem. Every morning I used to be in tears. I could not even go to the washroom early morning because of pain in my heels. I was treated with laser therapy and special plantar fascia stretches and excercises. Bravo! The pain eventually disappeared. I have even started wearing high heels on weekends. Thank you so much for helping me. I highly recommend this facility. Believe me, just try it once and you will never go to any other clinic.

Simran Kaur
I was looking for a massage therapy place. My husband has benefit from work Massage, Orthotics, Physio are covered. Just after one massage session, I felt that I am in good hands. I felt so relaxed that I slept during my Massage Therapy session. I even made a Custom Orthotics and Shoes from this facility. I can't believe it, there is such a wide variety of selection of footwears as they deal with several Orthotic companies.